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Dr. Alejandro Lopez, M.D.

Board Certified Plastic Surgeon


Here are testimonials for Dr. Alejandro Lopez, M.D.

From: Beth R., Austin, TX

Dear Dr. Lopez, wow, I cannot put into words how perfect my face lift turned out. Here are some current pictures. Please put them in your file. It has now been 7 weeks since I had the surgery and I look like I’ve shed 25 years from my life. Yes, really. Not only that, but my attitude, personality and outlook on life have all undergone a dramatic change. I really feel as young as I look. Thank you for everything. The trip to Guadalajara was wonderful. The hospital, nurses and staff were wonderful, and the Guadalajara Medical Center Inn was amazing. It was much more than just a home away from home, it was a place of beauty, wonderful food, attentive nurses and a caring staff. I have two friends who will be writing you soon for procedures. I told them about the low prices and excellent surgery you performed. I may come along with them to keep them company.

From: Jack T., Las Vegas, NV

My good and new dear friend Dr. Lopez. I’ve been back for a little under 4 weeks and my healing has been so fast and complete that there barely is any sign that I ever had surgery. My jowls are gone, my eyes have healed (swelling and bruising gone), and the sagginess in my neck is no more. I feel younger, look younger, and my family loves it! Thank you for taking good care of me and doing such a great job. My trip to Guadalajara was incredible. The city is so beautiful and full of culture. The architecture, parks and ambience was great. I’m looking forward to returning for the “male” tummy tuck I need, I just need to lose some weight first. Take care. See you soon.

From: Mary J., Arlington, VA

Hola Dr. Lopez, como esta? Well, I’m “homesick” for my adopted home (Guadalajara), but it’s nice to be back home with my great new looks. My boyfriend thinks he has a “new” woman and he actually does. My mom and sister can’t believe how great I look! The breast lift has done wonders for me. The surgery was extensive, as you know, because it is not every day that one has a complete body makeover from top to bottom, including a facelift, but I look absolutely terrific. You did a wonderful, wonderful job and I can’t thank you enough. You have opened the door to a great new life for me and I appreciate it so very much. Please give my thanks to your nurses and staff, as well as the nurses and staff at the Guadalajara Medical Center Inn. I felt like a queen there the whole time and I am looking so forward to coming back again, this time to do some tours and sightseeing. I will stop in a see you. Thanks again.

From: Roger J., Long Island, NY

To everyone at Dr. Lopez’s office, how are you? I’m writing to tell you how I’m doing. My recovery continues very well and although I haven’t been back for too long, you must have some magic in your fingers because the bruising is non-existent. The incisions are so well-hidden, you would never know I had surgery. I want you to know how much I appreciate your knowledge and skills, and I am telling everyone I know just how great a doctor you are. Thank you for all that you have done. Please say hello to everyone for me. They all took really great care of me.